Confection body oils

P1040077Solar oil

          Mix vegetable organic oils :

               * Sesame
                * Olive
* Wheat germ : a little
* Almond
* Apricot
* Calendula

            * Carrot

in choosing which suit you according to their virtues and their cost.

          + officinale or wild lavender essential oil (10 drops per 100ml, two times less for pregnant or lactating women )

It´s possible to add or remove essential or vegetal oil according to your needs or wants :

Solar oil and antimosquito

It´s possible to add essential oil of :

* citronnelle

* geranium

* lemon eucalyptus

After-sun oil 

add St. John’s wort oil ( photosensitizing : do not expose to sun after use it.  « sancti Ioannis struthio »)


Solar and muscle oil

Add * Arnica oil 
       * Argan oil
       * laurel essential oil ( laurea )

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